A new one from WDMS, harsh Speedcore/Breakcore, it will be part of a new EP we are hoping to release in the next few weeks or so.

WDMS - I stole the vocals


Two more FREE releases have been sneaked into the schedule, both from myself recording as Dub Pirate, as the moniker suggests this stuff is in a slow, dubby, steppy, minimal wob wob stylee.

Dub Pirate - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese Part One - WOODEN-LEG 001

Dub Pirate - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese Part Two - WOODEN-LEG 002


Hektek - LEGS-NET 010
4 Tracks of dark, fast Hardcore Techno from one of the UK's leading lights, Hektek.


We have at least three new LEGS-NET release's on the horizon, EP'S from  Hektek, Linear  & Darklime +  LEGS RECS 002 is being prepped as we speak, more info soon!!!

Hektek - Grasping For The Darkness 2007-2011 - LEGS-NET 010

Linear - Amphibious Amphetaminus - LEGS-NET 017

Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs - LEGS-NET 019