Solypsis & Catdog - Resisting Arrest

[Solypsis - Dendrites] Holy fucking balls. This goes straight in there like a cardiac arrest that has been slowly creeping; the beginnings of a malignant brain tumour. A ketamine fuelled head rush after drunkenly stumbling into a side room at Slimelight which apparently is filled with gas-masked Nazi's with sub machine guns and hedge trimmers. At this point you're considering boshing some Nurofen at the very least. Midway through there is a brief opportunity for restpite, but I definitely feel like a stroke victim now.

[Catdog - The Art Of Massasuage] This track seems somewhat more docile... steadily atmospheric, but wait - hold on - there's a dark vocal sample, then a steady tap of the high hat, some beats, and then you're plunged straight down into a drum and bass abyss. At least this time I saw it coming, like a zombie attack but with those old skool drooling ones, arms wearily dragging behind them from iron deficiencies. Just as I'm readjusting to feeling like I'm in the basement at Cyderdog, it's all over. Goddamn.

Words by Bee Pritchard

01. China Syndrome Beats
02. God Damn Freeloaders
03  Dendrites
04. Grand Mal Seizure
05. Hornswaggle
06. Millions Of Splinters
07. Untrustworthy

01. The Art Of Massasuage
02. Jungle Wreckage
03. Of Amens Enlarged
04. Burst Into Flames
05. Ain't Foolin Round
06. Who Dem Wan Sound


Mastered by Robert Galbraith



Hexagon Trail releases the ultimate ANTI-Christmas song for those who experience holiday rage, stress, disillusion and depression. In just over 5 minutes the song packs in a sample from the original Black Christmas, discordant synths and maniacal screams in a tune that combines Industrial Techno with Power Electronics. Download it for free now and let's make it a Christmas #1


Komprex VS Pressterror

GORE coloured 12"
Limited edition of 100 copies only!

A1. Komprex - More Than Terror 3:12
A2. Komprex - Estrema 3:45
A3. Komprex VS Pressterror - Taste Your Suizid 3:49
B1. Pressterror - Amphetamin Psychosen 8:45
B2. Pressterror VS Komprex - Brrrrrrutality Sounds of Hell 7:09


DJ Mucus - Excrematorium

'Like a Goth without a turban, I went beyond the usual metaphores of satanism and the boredom of novelty to create a threat to the extratone scene. I mixed the nuisance of 16th century french poetry with some 80's and 90's influenced xtrtn shit, coz I'm an artsy fuck and everybody knows that the music scene is getting too melodic. I hope this will tranquilize you for a while.'

01. Hairy Hands
02. Ô beaux cheveux d'argent mignonnement retors
03. The Bidet Theory
04. Le vintieme d'Avril couché sur l'herbelette
05. Bitch On Steroids
06. D'un gourmand, ivrogne et paresseux
07. You Fuckin Dangle Me
08. Le vélin écrit rit et grimace, livide
09. Part Time Exorcist
10. Rondeau de ceux qui se taisent
11. Gospel Of John
12. Cent fois le jour
13. Anti Onion News
14. Carolina Reaper Challange
15. Oubli
16. Eloge funèbre
17. Les Origines
18. Monde renversé
19. Épitaphe
20. I Had To Put Bread On The Table
21. Saynette Commune

This release is dedicated to Ian Garside [DJ Ninja Love Mistake] RIP


Emo Headache - Flowers and Cockroaches
LEGS​-​NET 127

EH returns to Legs with more of that Crapcore shit we all know and love

1. Beautiful Unbestimmtheit
2. Iconic Degeneracy
3. Death Skull Ekstase in Rainbow Land
4. Crasher
5. Skull of a Nazi
6. Unhappy Consciousness
7. Sein zu Geschick
8. The Ploughmans Daughter

LAR is not responsible for EH's outrageous misuse of source material


Hyperdriver - Analog
LEGS​-​NET 126

The idea behind the recording of this album came about because of an online discussion about breakcore. I know it was an online discussion because at one point someone was called a nazi (modern newspeak for "I disagree with your opinion"). During this discussion someone said that breakcore, speedcore and all associated genres are all about computers, samples and drum machines. I disagreed (what a nazi) and said that I could record an album without either a computer, drum machine or samples. And here it is. Analog.

The equipment used is a Korg MS20 mini, a Moog Mother 32 and a Dreadbox Hades. Sequencing duties were performed by an Arturia Beatstep Pro and the Moog Mother's internal sequencer. Everything was recorded live into a Zoom R16 multitrack. The R16 also provided effects along with a TC Electronic Flashback mini delay pedal.

Despite a completely different way of working, the Hyperdriver aggression is definitely still there. DJ unfriendly as ever, you probably couldn't dance to it. I think it all turned out pretty good. I won't call you a nazi if you disagree though.

Peace and love
Steve Hyperdriver

1. Mood DreadBox Korg
2. Analog
3. Interference Part 1
4. Hypercore
5. Dissonant Chaos
6. Rez Own Ant
7. Interference Part 2




The Newcastle upon tyne Speed Donk Experience
Speed Donk Bangers Volume. 2

They're back!!!!

A donktastic review:

'In preparation for this review, I scanned my memory for a bleaker time when I might have seen 'The Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk Experience' live. Vague recollections of Cuntfields 2016 blurred my vision (or I might have necked a few glasses of wine). Regardless, I had braced myself.'

1. Starts with a healthy bassline, to be fair. And then a punk refrain with more riffs than expected... ooh! And then a classic 3-chord bridge. It's like the Sex Pistols if they were born in Newcastle. In 1990. Not awful.

2. Tuneful... Reminiscent of mid-nineties Skunk Anansie... kind of. Great fuzzy guitars on this one. Sounds like the Prodigy stuck in a traffic jam under the QE2 bridge.

3. You could be forgiven for thinking this was early Offspring (at least until the vocals kick in). Sampled from a subway tramp after too much Special Brew. Particularly enjoyed the Pat Butcher reference, however.

4. Ahhh... I see what's happening now. These are COVERS. Well, covers with a big pinch of salt. Salt laced with ketamine. The riff to this particular NIN song is always going to be a banger, so I'll allow it.

5. Another Eastenders reference! Big up Ian Beale. This is fantastic in its ridiculousness. I could even bop to this.

6. Distorted vocals morph into a Teletubbies-esque plod along.

7. I've always hated the original of this song; it reminds me of drunk Essex slags at a caravan park disco, and no amount of donk, or even a key-change, can save it. Please stop.

8. Remember the time when PJ got paintballed in the eye and went blind? Yeah. Sounds a lot like this.

9. Would be an alright rendition had it not been for the bunch of guys playing on upturned saucepans in the background. But I guess that's the idea.

10. Promising start, and not a complete brutalisation of SOAD.

11. Saved (once again) by the original. Growing tired now.

12. Last song! C'monnn. I wish I was in a coma. Please for the love of God kick in so I can be done with this already and get back to listening to the originals. Halfway through this 'track' and I want to stab needles into my eyes. Not sure if I can make it through till the end without my ears bleeding. Do these guys have day jobs? My entire evening is ruined. Dear God. Nope, that's it. Cut off at 1:15.

In summary: props to you if you can make it through even half of this album.

Reviewed by Bee Pritchard

01 Speak English or Donk
02 Donk for the Christians
03 Banging Donk Uber Alles
04 Donkfuckers
05 Playing Banging Donk
06 Lets Fucking Donk
07 Donkarillo
08 Byker Donk
09 Saint Donker
10 Bounce Banging Banging Banging
11 Here comes the Donk
12 Fear of the Donk



pi r^2 - Uptempo For The Slow Enjoyment Of Life

 Jaunty little release from pi r^2, kicking off with 'Der Blut', which hammers away like an overenthusiastic woodpecker at LaserQuest in the late 80's. Your game face is on, ducking around dim-lit corridors, pace reminiscent of eating 8 vending machine snack bars in a row whilst blasting creatures on MS Doom. As clean as a teenager in a fresh shellsuit wielding his first Nerf gun. 'I.F.T.V.' seems to have fallen into a goth-punk gig at the Underworld, drunkenly staggering around pointing trigger fingers whilst stomping a New Rock hoof but with the jovial tappings of a seaside bucket and spade. The real reward comes midway through Track 2, when lightweight LaserQuest explodes into full-on Paintball. A moodier Challenge Anneka 

1. Der Blut
2. I.F.T.V.

Blurb written by Bee Pritchard



ILL - Time To Get...ILL


ILL - 7!cHO sideproject, with his younger brother 7oKI on VOC.

01. Brutal Porn Slam Attack
02. Great Sisters of Extratone Apocalypse
03. Summertime sadness (Lana Del Rey COVER)

If you like shity sound, its time to get...ILL


IMPLΛNT - Spinal Cord

LAR's Flashcore master returns! 4 tracks of his killer cyber soundscape futurecore dedicated to Extratone legend Noize Overdose. Also includes videos for Animal Assault "Electrolysis" & IMPLΛNT "Iron Man"

1. Animal Assault - Electrolysis
2. Animal Assault VS IMPLΛNT - Noize Overdose
3. Noize Overdose VS IMPLΛNT - Robotic Slavery
4. IMPLΛNT - Thyroid



Frontcore - Time Of Sorrow

The new single from Metal/Breakcore crossover band Frontcore

01. Time Of Sorrow (ft V.Mirtchev)
02. Time Of Sorrow (Instrumental)


Low Entropy - Confrontation

Low Entropy returns to Legs Akimbo with a third album of high quality Acid, Hardcore & Doomcore

01. Low Entropy - Doomed Echoes (Signals Out Of Nothingness)
02. Low Entropy - Icy Cave
03. Low Entropy - Cultural Orphan
04. Low Entropy - Outer Space
05. Low Entropy - The Power Of Love (Bassdrum Version)
06. Low Entropy feat. InterStella Moonbeam - Best Day
07. Low Entropy - Post Acid
08. Low Entropy - Green Comet
09. Low Entropy - Wake Up (Refined Mix)
10. Low Entropy - 11-59 (The Doomsday Clock)



Eater Of Sheep/Bl00d Overdrive - Soft Noize Wall 2!

Following the collapse of the first Soft Noize Wall, Mad Emperor Bl00d Overdrive and the legendary mutton-wizard, Eater of Sheep, began construction of a second Noize Wall in 122 AD. Though originally the wall was designed to seperate the Roman Empire from the barbarians to the north, it is now a popular tourist attraction among deranged extratöne fanatics. It offers beautiful views of the countryside and 117.5 km of the most disgusting distortion ever downloaded, all topped off with tinnitus inducing 'tönes!

1. Intro
2. Eater Of Sheep - Raspberrytone
3. Bl00d Overdrive - Hey
4. Eater Of Sheep - Dancing On the Walls
5. Bl00d Overdrive - 100 Seconds Of Allah Roasting Infidels in Hell
6. Eater Of Sheep - Re-Quantum-Sheep-Dipp'd
7. Eater Of Sheep & Bl00d Overdrive - Musique Haraam


The Sound Of The Fox - We're Ready To Party

The Fox is back! Since his last appearance on Legs it would appear he has spent a bit of time looking through your bins in the search for a whole bunch of crazy shit to mangle, the end result is 6 tracks of cut up Breakcore naughtiness full of mad sampling, crispy breaks and the occasional spray of distorted kickdrums, you know you want it

01. Makinas
02. We are ready to party
03. Spaced out1
04. Spaced out2
05. Sintiki
06. Deep deep inside of you I see the dancer

Artwork by Oana Calin


Matt Bleak - Proxy War

Former Night Terror Recordings overlord Matt Bleak has returned from self-imposed exile in the tropics to deliver 8 rapid-fire onslaughts of noise-drenched nihilistic splitter punk and anarchistic extratone insanity! Short, ultra-violent bursts of insane speed and manic droning kick bass tones combine with what sounds like the prized record collections of 1000 geriatric crust punks being totally destroyed in a riot-porn induced frenzy to make the perfect soundtrack for your next nervous breakdown!

01. Dirty Bastard
02. Extratone Attack Part 1
03. Extratone Attack Part 2
04. War Until Victory
05. Murder Kill
06. Proxy Wars
07. Splitter Punx Not Dead
08: CRASS - Demoncrats [Matt Bleak Unofficial Remix]

All tracks wreckorded somewhere in Brisbane, Australia between January 2013 and February 2014



NoizyAzFuck vs Skitzaph0nic - Lurking Darkness

NoizyAzFuck and Skitzaph0nic assembled secretly in a forgotten Liverpool warehouse possessed by the wicked idea to invoke shadow spirits into glitching cyborgs. With a heavy bolt of electricity, it jumps to life out of an unspeakable nightmare and under the dark moon, seeks its victims. Mechanoid insects scutter from its glowing eyes like tears smoothly running down its body, they disperse across the room. You’re surrounded. As you stamp the floor, they creep up your trouser legs, up your spine, you swing yourself against the walls like a fly hit with bug spray but it’s too late. You open your mouth to scream; they invade your skull and explode through your brain.

And in some peculiar sense… you fucking loved it

1. NoizyAzFuck & Skitzaph0nic - The Lurking Fear
2. Skitzaph0nic feat. NoizyAzFuck - The Crushing Darkness

Co-released with:

Splatterkore Reckords [SK078]


Battle Audio Records [BATTLEFREE016]



Scrubber Fox/Sadistic Foxician - Core Tea Vicar?

Legs Akimbo Records presents its first Hard Trance 12" !!!!


Only kidding, LAR is proud to welcome back both Scrubber Fox and Sadistic Foxician, this time they are sharing a 12" with Scrubber bringing his IDMish, Breakcorey, Drum & Bass styleee head fuckery to the A side and Sad Fox destroying the flip with their Hardcore influenced Breakcore ting, fucking killer stuff for sure. The LP comes wrapped up in a high quality glossy sleeve with suitably gimptastic foxy artwork from the excellent Mattia Travaglini​ Artworks

Scrubber Fox
A1. Heavy dyke splatter
A2. Horrific blumpkin
A3. Hash tag fuck off
A4. Severe case of aids

Sadistic Foxician
B1: Unpleasant surprise
B2: Cut your faces
B3: The answer is no (what choice do we have?)
B4: Smug or psychotic?



5th anniversary compilation

01. Bang Man - OldS Kool 
02. Sadistic Foxician - It Was The Fucking Boiler, Now Fuck Off! 
03. Scrubber Fox - Finger Frothing 
04. Catdog - Alpha Wave  
05. tooth_eye - Get Low Stoopid Hoe You Rusty, Cows Never Gonna Get Fed At This r8
06. Norrland Gabber Crew - Gristerror
07. DJ Contaminator - Dunkle Materie (Speed Edition)
08. Hersenerosie - Dystopian Impressions
09. Lord Of Sp33d & M.A.X The Disintergrator - Polish Swearwords
10. Neanderthal Von Core - Reanimated Nazi Bitch
11. R10T33R - High Speed Dark Wave
12. MONAD - Cat Toilet Paper (Oxygenfad Remix)
13. Terrorbunny - Fuck Off (Schallfolter Remix)
14. Noizefucker - De Wereld Rond In 280 Beats
15. IMPLANT- The Slasher With Love
16. CRN66116 - Good Night Right Side
17. Yudlugar - Hideous Miscreation
18. Skat Injector - Cesswound (Penny Lane Toxocariasis Strain)
19. Cuntcutter - They Fuck In The Toilets In Clubs With Selection
21. Acid Enema - I.III.MMXVI v1
22. Watain - Malfeitor (Hellcreator Bootleg)
23. Sir.Vixx - Back To The Hardcore 
24. Sadistician - Jenny From The Block Aint Who You Think She Is...
25. Noistruct - All Or Nothing
26. The Sound Of The Fox - We Are Not From Australia
27. 10JONK-T  - Puregrattoire
28. Schallfolter - Welcome To Cunt
29. EARDRUMS TORTURER - Acoustic Sadomasochism
30. 7!cHO - Cum To Mommy (Aphex Twin Theme)
31. Eater of Sheep - Madman 
32. Neocoretex - Ye-A 2451 Yamantaka Puja
33. IMPLANT- Merry Fuckin Christmas

Artwork by Mattia Travaglini


Noistruct - Has Been

Australian Breakcore veteran and ENDE records overlord Noistruct returns with his 3rd release for Legs Akimbo, 6 more tracks of dark as hell Breakcore and glitchy darkstepping head fuckery for the discerning listener

1. Some Dispute Over A Halfweight
2. Armstronged
3. Cougarloompa
4. Slaps
5. Sleeping With A Suicide
6. Compassion Fatigue (Version 1)


Erohypnos - Nurse

A distinct departure from previous efforts on ENDE Records and Paris Zombie Netlabel, ‘Nurse’ blends breakcore, black metal, glitch, grime and plunderphonics with almost no consideration for the artist’s own mental stability. For fans of Darkthrone and Sister Sledge

1. Hands Still With The Ketamine Thrill
2. Trekanter i Snøen
3. Chaos Degenerate


Noizy Az Fuck - Exulansis

Exulansis: n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it—whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness—which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.

Noizy Az Fuck returns to Legs Akimbo with another high quality EP, this time we get 6 tracks of seriously mind mangling Breakcore with a heavy D&B influence, the beat editing here is so hectic I can literally feel what little brain I have leaking out of my ears, that has to be the highest recommendation I can give!

1. Plot Twist
2. Can't Give Up
3. Fear
4. Innocence Lost
5. Burning Pictures
6. Everything Fades

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