Matt Bleak - Proxy War

Former Night Terror Recordings overlord Matt Bleak has returned from self-imposed exile in the tropics to deliver 8 rapid-fire onslaughts of noise-drenched nihilistic splitter punk and anarchistic extratone insanity! Short, ultra-violent bursts of insane speed and manic droning kick bass tones combine with what sounds like the prized record collections of 1000 geriatric crust punks being totally destroyed in a riot-porn induced frenzy to make the perfect soundtrack for your next nervous breakdown!

01. Dirty Bastard
02. Extratone Attack Part 1
03. Extratone Attack Part 2
04. War Until Victory
05. Murder Kill
06. Proxy Wars
07. Splitter Punx Not Dead
08: CRASS - Demoncrats [Matt Bleak Unofficial Remix]

All tracks wreckorded somewhere in Brisbane, Australia between January 2013 and February 2014