Low Entropy - Confrontation

Low Entropy returns to Legs Akimbo with a third album of high quality Acid, Hardcore & Doomcore

01. Low Entropy - Doomed Echoes (Signals Out Of Nothingness)
02. Low Entropy - Icy Cave
03. Low Entropy - Cultural Orphan
04. Low Entropy - Outer Space
05. Low Entropy - The Power Of Love (Bassdrum Version)
06. Low Entropy feat. InterStella Moonbeam - Best Day
07. Low Entropy - Post Acid
08. Low Entropy - Green Comet
09. Low Entropy - Wake Up (Refined Mix)
10. Low Entropy - 11-59 (The Doomsday Clock)



Eater Of Sheep/Bl00d Overdrive - Soft Noize Wall 2!

Following the collapse of the first Soft Noize Wall, Mad Emperor Bl00d Overdrive and the legendary mutton-wizard, Eater of Sheep, began construction of a second Noize Wall in 122 AD. Though originally the wall was designed to seperate the Roman Empire from the barbarians to the north, it is now a popular tourist attraction among deranged extratöne fanatics. It offers beautiful views of the countryside and 117.5 km of the most disgusting distortion ever downloaded, all topped off with tinnitus inducing 'tönes!

1. Intro
2. Eater Of Sheep - Raspberrytone
3. Bl00d Overdrive - Hey
4. Eater Of Sheep - Dancing On the Walls
5. Bl00d Overdrive - 100 Seconds Of Allah Roasting Infidels in Hell
6. Eater Of Sheep - Re-Quantum-Sheep-Dipp'd
7. Eater Of Sheep & Bl00d Overdrive - Musique Haraam