HateWire - Demonic.Noise.Vomit

HateWire vomit forth their latest offering, comprised of only the foulest nekro tekno via Legs Akimbo Records. The 9 tracks of horrific noise available here take you on a romantic boat ride down the river of vomit and through the tunnel of noise, before finishing up with a private tasting of sparkling piss (the genuine stuff from the "Pissoire" region...) at Hell with The Devil himself! A clear must for fans of Disco Cunt, Darkthrone, Anaal Nathrakh and Agoraphobic Nosebleed!

9 Tracks of utter Nekro Tekno Filth.......jog on kiddies this is way too hardcore for you!

1. The dirge may be over...  (But Hell still remains...)
2. Kenny hat nen kleinen penis!
3. Brutal swing
4. Summoning the Antichrist
5. Every sort of filth
6. Hail Mary
7. Mein deutsch ist schei╬▓e
8. Priest-O-Phile
9. Lo-frequency ordainment

Limited edition of 100 Digipack copies + obi strip, £7 each


Mastered by Capta1n Cha0s (captainchaos@braincore.co.uk)
Artwork by JDecker (http://jdecker.net/)
All HateWire CD's purchased from the Legs Akimbo Bandcamp come with a free live set
This is only available when bought direct from the label and is not streamable.

HateWire - LIVE set 
01.  Brutal swing...  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2014)
02.  The dirge may be over (but Hell still remains...)  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2014)
03.  ------Improvised mashup of tracks originally from Disco Cunt/Totschlag Records PART 1------  (Unreleased)
04.  Hail mary  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2014)
05.  ------Improvised mashup of tracks originally from Disco Cunt/Totschlag Records PART 2------  (Unreleased)
06.  Rigormortis (HateWire version)  (Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
07.  Narcotically-fuelled wanker removal  (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009/Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
08.  Every sort of filth  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2012)
09.  ------Improv jamming about...!------  (Unreleased)
10.  Unconsential sex (you made me bleed)  (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009/Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
11.  Pissing in your seething stigmata wounds (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009)
12.  Priest-o-phile  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2012)
13.  Armee der toten (originally by Disco Cunt) (100% Negativ, 2014)

(Recorded by M. Thomas at JT Soar Studios, Nottingham, UK)


Monad - Self Obliterated Nihilism

12 inches of Breakcore mentalism from Monad! Limited edition one time pressing of 111 copies. 

A1. Volshebniy Krolik
A2. Nyan Cat Remix
A3. Smolanim Bogdim
A4. Influenced Bruv

B1. A Scatman Stole My Scooter
B2. Somniphobia
B3. Mizrahit Mix


Inverted Scrotum - Shit From The Swamp

Speedcore? Breakcore? Grindcore? Noisecore? Who the fuck knows! But whatever it is Inverted Scrotum spew out you can guarantee it will mess up your day. For fans of Skat Injector, Yudlugar, Passenger Of Shit ect

1. I'd never fuck a girl that wears crocs
2. Your Mum collects S.T.Ds like Pokemon
3. If only Ke$ha would shit on my chest
4. The phantom shit smearer
5. I have ten daddys, wheres yours?