Dark Nostradamus - Die Heimsuchung EP
LEGS​-​NET 098

Dark Nostradamus brings three versions the of dark Speedcore track Die Heimsuchung to Legs Akimbo, the original mix also features LAR favourite Hersenerosie. 
Includes a remix from long time Legs contributor DJ Contaminator. 

01. Dark Nostradamus Vs. Hersenerosie - Die Heimsuchung
02. Dark Nostradamus - Die Heimsuchung (Fast Mix)
03. Dark Nostradamus - Die Heimsuchung (DJ Contaminator Doom Mix)

Artwork by Mattia Travaglini Artworks


Nocturnal Nightmare - Allt Har Sitt Slut

Second EP of high quality DSBM from Sweden's Nocturnal Nightmare

01 Minds of Desolation
02 Allt har sitt Slut

Mixed & Mastered by Nocturnal Nightmare 2015

Nocturnal Nightmare
Grotesk  - Vocals, Guitars
Oro -  Guitars
Deceiver - Drums

Artwork by Hostile Takeover


Ohmega Sir - Skull Fetish

With atmospheric textures dark enough to raise the elder gods and kick drums so twisted they will rearrange your molecules. Ohmega Sir’s Skull Fetish is a healthy mix of dark ambient soundscapes, futuristic sci fi sound design and intense waves of synthetic laser kick drums. 
Perfect music to lose yourself inside a lysergic illusion

1. Uninhabited Depths
2. Cyclopian Throne
3. Staircase
4. Wetware Malfunction
5. Cosmic Winds

Artwork by Mattia Travaglini Artworks


DJ Freak - The Axis Of Evil EP

DJ Freak's 3rd EP for LAR! The legendary UK producer brings 4 more tracks of his signature Hardcore/Speedcore sound to Legs Akimbo

1. Axis Of Evil
2, This Is Your Wake Up Call
3. The Mind Machine
4. I Am Pain

Artwork by Mattia Travaglini Artworks


Black Death - Fucking Fancy EP

Dear Appreciated Fans/Listeners, In cooperation with Legs Akimbo Records I am proud to present: Fucking Fancy EP

This is a four track EP made with love for my fans and the music genre(s) (Terror/Speedcore), there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this EP. I hope you will enjoy this gift.

You will hear the brutality, velocity and immortality of my sound.
Full punchy kicks combined with all kinds of influences and in multiple styles. It's an out-of-the-box experience, Speedcore in varying speeds combined with, amongst other things, Trap & Pop.

Do you dare to listen to it?!?!?!

Cheers Black Death

1. Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy {Black Death's Fucking Fancy Rmx}
2. The Suit & The Car
3. Fancy This! {Shut Up and Die!}
4. Diamond Bullet's


Kuvera B - Requiescat In Pace

All these demos had been forgotten for years in Koney's hardrives. To be honest, i forget them, not Koney. -_-

Why not share them with you? These tracks are poorly mastered mp3 files but doesn't sound so bad.
Wish you will like them.

In loving memory of Carol(e) Denolly (06.79/03.09)

1 _ Kuvera B _ Dummy Head
2 _ Kuvera B _ Loud Technologies
3 _ Kuvera B _ Our Kingdom
4 _ Kuvera B _ El Gato Negro
5 _ Kuvera B _ DegeneroDependant
6 _ Kuvera B _ Over The Ground

All tracks written and produced between 2004 and 2006 by Kuvera Barbier

Artwork by Kuvera Barbier

facebook, instagram and tumblr : devatafromnowhere

release date : 07.03.2016


CelloFun - Frogcore 5102

Awesome ravey Breakcore from Uzbekistan

1. (Degradation Of The Human Values)
2. Carrie Ate My Heart
3. God After Me
4. The Shaitanistanish Warlock
5. Shitlosophy Of The Human Soul
6. True Raver


Bang Man - I'm The Guy

East London’s Bang Man drops his debut album on LAR, 14 tracks of Drum & Bass influenced Breakcore naughtiness to piss the neighbours piss off with.

01. Ever Danced With The Devil
02. Deju Vu
03. Disorder, Chaos, Anarchy
04. Supreme being
05. Urban Sunset
06. Press Play
07. Lessons In Breakcore
08. Summer Breeze
09. Bang Goes The Drum
10. Drum Solo
11. Cubic Paranoia - Simple Evolution (BangMan Remix)
12. BangMan & Cubic Paranoia - Wonka
13. Shine On You Crazy Bastard
14. Mental Illness


The Sound Of The Fox - 1 or 2. No, actually 4 of my best, most unique tracks that I made awesome!

What does the fox sound like? Your worst party k hole, tripping balls nightmare thats fucking what! wonky 4/4 donk and break sleng your teng chip rave spaz core chaos...yum!

1. The Way We Dance
2. Border Of The Stylez
3. Fuck the commercial sounds I'm going chiptune!
4. Lonely fox song

Artwork by Flácido Domingo and Atomique Acorn


Sadistician - My ideas, opinions and views may not necessarily be those of the X-Factor judges EP

I think the title of this pretty much says enough...  If you've downloaded this then you will probably know my views on pop/commercial music. If you don't then I would just listen to the tracks here and you'll get a feel for me thoughts on this one! 

01.  Sick man (Intro)
02.  You're damn right I'll watch you burn...
03.  Because Jolene is hotter than you, Dolly
04.  Press 4 to pay by credit card
05.  Drowning in terror (What would my mama do in this situation?!?!?!)
06.  I'm much cooler than your daddy...
07.  I murdered the Murderdolls (...And got away with it!!!!)
08.  Sadistic retardation (Bonus track)
09. Sadistic pop mash-up of idiocy (Bonus track)

For more info on Sadistician please visit and like Facebook
You can also follow Soundcloud
For live bookings/other bullshit and general abuse:  Sadistician@Braincore.co.uk

Mastered By Lucretia Mastering

Eye stinging Artwork by the Legs Akimbo gimp