1. Hammer Damage – I Like Doing Drugs 
2. Solypsis – Degloved Lover 
3. Hersenerosie – El Azif
4.  Nihilistic Torment – Watch You Suffer
5. Junkie Kut – Empires Always Fall 
6. Black Death – Fuck You Up! 
7. Non-bio – Motivate Your Dream 
8.  Speed Maelstrom – An Insidious Threat
9. Acid Enema – Peritonsillar Abscess 2016 
10. Crivellator – Kustimo Sboro 
11. Erohypnos – Hold Me, Satan 
12. Low Entropy – Coronation (Extended Mix) 
13. Matt Bleak – Ode To The Lonesome Losers Of Breakcore
14. Scrubber Fox – Took A Dump On Cat
15. Mandidextrous, Stivs & Matt Scratch - N-T-M
16. 3 Past 3 – Tentacle Shotguns 
17. DJ Skull Vomit – A Steady Incline To Necrosis 
18. Bang Man – The Dude
19. Noistruct – Obscura 
20. Skat Injector – Savage Munter 
21. Primitive Graven Image – Ten Thousand Armageddons (The Universe Contracts And 
Chokes Itself Mix by Sadistician) 
22. Animal Assault – Dragon 
23. Cornhole Crucifixtion – Jesus Christ Bananas 
24. DJ Mucus – Trademarks Of The Speedwhores 
25. H8!Machine – Intimidation 
26. Noizefucker – Happy Filter 
27. Neocoretex – Dimension 
28. TrK – Resistance Is Futile 
29. Maladroit – Flesh Interface Codex   
30. Bellicose – A Rum Diary
31. ATDT – The Serpent
32. Extratrolls – Irma & Jose Flex Akimbo Does Not Exist 
33. Junkie Kut – Pixel Picture (The Dark Sanctuary Remix)
34. D3Z – Moving Destruction
35. BDacid – No Escape 
36. Neuromancer – Kartuk 
37. Ramkraak & Defektt – Necrotits 
38. James F – Eternity Of Pain
39. DJ Fleischfuck - American EDM Is Dead (Farewell Legs Akimbo Records!)
40. Pressterror – Suizidcore Hymne (Blood Show Track)


1. Machinist – Fuck Society 
2. Crivellator – Barlassina Glitchcore 
3. Pervorator – Granny 
4. Etdevagina – Waltz Op 666 
5. ATDT – Pathogen 
6. Tea Haus – Blazee Blazee 
7. Podzim – Unburial Rites 
8. Bzrro Basspunk – Violince 
9. Inverted Scrotum – Bleed Out Slow 
10. DJButtbaby – PunkDrunkLove 
11. CRN:66116 - Apokalupsis
12. Verwesung – Vampyric Black Metal (Different Mix) 
13. Puta Malaria – Zero Reasons 
14. Notex – Preloader (Fistful Of Dexies Mix) 
15. Holt – Torch This Place 
16. Audiotist – Bitter Aftertaste (Fine Wines Are For Poncey Cunts Remix By Sadistician) 
17. Cornhole Crucifixtion – Whipping Naked Hippies Into Submission 
18. Lord Cernunnos – Buruma
19. Dead Whore House & Dark Ashley – Excerpt From Collab With Dark Ashley 
20. Anal Ricochet – Rape Your Family And Kill Yourself 
21. Moloch – Depressive Visionen Eines Sterbenden Horizonts (HateWire Continual Depression 
In A Grim Reality Mix) 
22. Bang Man - Party @ Rick's
23. Chucky Baby – Belphegors Prime
24. Primitive Graven Image – Eye Of Existence (HateWire Certain Death Remix) 
25. When You Die - Noisegrind 
26. Kindstod – This World Is Shit And My Goal Is To Destroy It 
27. 3 Past 3 Vs. Ramkraak – Burning Rubber 
28. Per La Lumon – Burned To Light 
29. Noizefucker – IedereenHeeft 
30. Catdog – Some Like It Spicy 
31. Furryz Fornicate – TR-909 at 909 BPM 
32. Delta Point – Grievance Procedure 
33. Midusa – Theme From Midusa 
34. Scousenbluten – Your Not Gettin' A Johnny, Lad 
35. Black Death – Fuck You Up! (Pestilence's Hardcore-Terror Vision) 
36. Pigeon Cadaver – R616T6E 
37. Uruly – Fiu Fiu +ë A Puta Que Pariu 
38. DZKYIN – Yahaaa!!! 
39. Schallfolter – Tune For Fuckers
40. DJ Freak – Fuck U I Won't Do What U Tell Me

(Mostly) Mastered By Threshold Driven Mastering

(Mostly) Sequenced At Random By Bee Pritchard



Extratrolls & Friends

Flex ups and Tone trolls 

01. Extratrolls - You Got Flexed #MeToo
02. Extratrolls - We Flexhash the SexTags #MeTone
03. Extratrolls - Who da flex is Pirtek and how overrated is Einrich
04. Extratrolls - Filthy and flexing
05. Extratrolls - Bedroom Scene
06. Extratrolls - Cats cats
07. Extratrolls - Flex your legs
08. Extratrolls - Hyperborean Trash Can Removal
09. Extratrolls - I like Macron
10. Extratrolls - Struggling For Extraneousness
11. Extratrolls - The legions of my ass
12. Extratrolls - The Roasting
13. Extratrolls - Extrascheiss
14. Distorted Maniac ft DDSL  - Friesvak herrie
15. Distorted maniac ft DDSL - Spongebob maakt alles kapot
16. Si.rAk-Sa - Flextunel
17. Cunt Kill Bastard - Killing fields
18. Cunt Kill Bastard - Missile attack
19. Cunt Kill Bastard - Nihilism
20. Pfiesteria - ExtraLangenTenen
21. SMEGMAFEEDER - Death people make me happy
22. SMEGMAFEEDER - Enter the world of Smeg
23. M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 - Antimatter (Berzerk Her 7!cHO Rm-X)


Machinist- Empire Of Lies

Machinist conjures strong images of a future dystopian hell on this militant 4 tracker. Repetitive apocalyptic Industrial carnage for the discerning misanthrope

1. Existential Dread
2. Empire Of Lies
3. The Nature Of Existence
4. Nothing But A Fallen World



IEmperor - Nightmare Protocol : A Retrospect

As LEGS-NET 149 is the final solo artist release (LEGS-NET 150 being a compilation) it seems fitting we end things with something special and boy oh boy do we have a doozy of an album!
Legs Akimbo is proud to present Nightmare Protocol: A RetrospectA 12 track behemoth of an album from UK Hardcore Techno hero IEmperor. Rather than focusing on the technical wizardry and the over sanitized production often found in current Hardcore, IEmperor cuts through the bullshit and goes straight for the jugular with hard, fast and gritty tracks evoking the halcyon days of UK hard as fuck Techno from the end of the nineties and early noughties. Exhibiting a firm foundation in disturbing horror themes and strong Sci-fi atmospherics, Nightmare Protocol will not fail in its mission, to steamroll your mind into submission, trampling over your synapses like the Roman legions of old.
"All tracks were made between 2008 and 2013. A nod to the 90s style sound where my heart and soul lies in this thing of ours. More about the sound of the rave/warehouse than chin stroking production wankery"
A special thank you goes out to the Nebulist for giving the tracks a new lick of paint.
01. Sick Caesar
02. Guardian Of The Bass Drum
03. Underworld Alchemist 2012
04. Orphanage After Dark
05. Funeral Piece
06. Sweets To The Sweet
07. The Family
08. The Jungle Rock
09. Throatfucker
10. Feeding Place
11. Bent Coppers
12. UK Phantasm Ltd

Mastered by The Nebulist



The Dark Sanctuary VS Hellcreator

Legs Akimbo is proud to present The Dark Sanctuary VS Hellcreator! A high octane split album featuring 12 tracks of high quality Terror and Speedcore from the Dutch master!

01. Hellcreator - Acid Basswork
02. Hellcreator - Keep It Cool
03. Hellcreator - N.A.S.E.N.B.L.U.T.E.N
04. Hellcreator - Ruffest Muth@fuckaz
05. Hellcreator - Demonic Takeover
06. Hellcreator - Into The Abyss
07. Junkie Kut - Pixel Picture (The Dark Sanctuary Remix)
08. Imil - Solipsistic Thoughts (The Dark Sanctuary Remix)
09. The Dark Sanctuary - Tokyo Gore Force
10. The Dark Sanctuary - The Curse Of The Wolfman
11. The Dark Sanctuary - Salva Me (Bootleg 2014)
12. The Dark Sanctuary - Unleash Hell 

Artwork by Black Death


Erohypnos - Sungutter
LEGS​-​NET 143

Again he felt that strange sense of unease... He was not sure who, or what he was, but he was certain he had more control of things before... but before what? He noticed blurry shapes before him, his eyes desperately tried to focus on them but he lacked the force of will to make it so in the low light and before long the forms retreated back into gloom. He wondered what events had lead him to this place; fuzzy memories of droning, repetitive sounds and the scent of sweating bodies came to the fore as his fractured recollection of events begun to solidify. Noticing a dull ache in his head, he started to understand. He knew why he was here... but where was here? Again the shapes appeared, this time accompanied by strange sounds, like people attempting to speak words while their mouths are full of gum. He noticed himself smile as realisation hit; he was safe, he was with friends, he knew what he had done. He tilted his head toward the sky and noticed the street lights above him, they burned into his mind like hazy stars, small electric suns burning grim reality back into him. He placed his hands on the filthy ground and pulled himself up out of the gutter, he saw a distant face pull a lopsided smile and heard a familiar voice say with forced humour "Sniffing from the wrap again mate, you never learn."

London producer Erohypnos' second and final release for Legs Akimbo. A chemical cocktail of incongruent styles and misguided ideas, composed and produced over two years under various states of intoxication. For fans of Emerson Lake & Palmer, DSBM and inappropriate k-holes.

1. Sungutter (I. Life, II. Sun, III. Death)
2. Malina And Igaluk
3. Hatedrunk
4. Bring The Plagues
5. Skag Shag
6. Sunfeeder

Tale of regret(amine) by Neil LAR


Emo Headache - A Final 'Fuck You'

One last dance on LAR for one of our favourite fuckers. More of that overdriven pop punk fuck you from one of the most controversial artists to grace this shit pit of a label. Fuck off.

01. Emo Headache with Xavier - Real Americans... (Drinking Shit Beer)
02. Emo Head
ache - Another Couple Purchasing Garbage From 'Forever 21'  (Oh My Goddess)
03. Emo Headache - Anytime You Wanna Fuck (All My Money For You)
04. Emo Headache - Cock Rot Karaoke (Crapcore Mix)
05. Emo Headache - Dashboard Cleanser (Get Fucked Up)
06. Emo Headache - Dr. Kevorkian's Test Dose (Sedated Suicide Mix)
07. Emo Headache - Dracula Has AIDS... (And He Runs the Red Cross)
08. Emo Headache - Meeting of Minds (Brain-Eaters Convention)
09. Emo Headache - My Next Ex (In G#)
10. Emo Headache - Put Some Wind on Them Embers (2017 Skit)
11. Emo Headache - Rosetta's Waltz (XXX Mix)
12. Emo Headache - Slenderman Murders Two 15 Year Olds (Families Disowned and Slaughtered)
13. Emo Headache - St. Peter's Cross (Convicts on Speed)
14. Emo Headache - The Time I Overdosed on 666 Speed Pills... (Nothing Excels Like Excess)
15. Emo Headache - Underclass Anthem (Drunk n ' on the Dole)
16. Emo Headache - You're Like So Punk... (Yeah Right, Maybe in Fucking Poserville)
17. Emo Headache with Xavier - Emo Like a Nazi (Hitler Emo Bangs Mix)
18. Emo Headache with Xavier - My Back to Africa Initiative (Koolaid & Malt Liquor 2017 Skit)
19. Emo Headache with Xavier - The Root of all Money (Legs Akimbo 2017 Skit)


Bang Man - Love Drugs Music Magick

More Mashup Breakcore shenanigans from Bang Man, this time on a theme of intoxication

1. Reefer Madness
2. Captain Trips
3. Captain Trips Does Not Exist
4. Reefer Madness Strikes Again


Bang Man - Pirate Book

A proper Mashup Breakcore can be found within Bang Man's Pirate Book, a regular bootleggers bonanza coming at ya!

1. Bangers Mashed
2. Mr Noizy
3. I ♥ Mary Jane
4. Don't Stop Believin' In Breakcore
5. Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em


Rapidax - Love Is Metaphysical Gravity

Rapidax returns to LAR with a new album of unique Hardcore, Speedcore & Breakcore. The 9 tracks on offer here are full of more twists and turns than albums double the length and are definitely not your standard 'ardcore noise. Complicated while delicate yet still savage enough for any dance floor to lose its shit too... but most importantly it is positively crammed full of Guitars and Kicks!

1. Human Machine
2. Freeze
3. Shai'tan
4. Sharpen The Blade
5. Look At The Sky
6. Square Hat
7. Gold Stars On Blue
8. Generation Rent
9  Take Us Down

Some worms:

"Huge thanks to Neil for putting this out, and for all of his work with Legs Akimbo Records. Much gratitude to Baz for mastering and sorting the artwork. Respect to each and every person supporting underground music in the 21st Century. Anyone that's caught me at a show or devoted some time to listen to my noise, ta, it's much appreciated. Also, cheers to Bucky Fuller"

Mastering and artwork by Nebulist