Rapidax - Love Is Metaphysical Gravity

Rapidax returns to LAR with a new album of unique Hardcore, Speedcore & Breakcore. The 9 tracks on offer here are full of more twists and turns than albums double the length and are definitely not your standard 'ardcore noise. Complicated while delicate yet still savage enough for any dance floor to lose its shit too... but most importantly it is positively crammed full of Guitars and Kicks!

1. Human Machine
2. Freeze
3. Shai'tan
4. Sharpen The Blade
5. Look At The Sky
6. Square Hat
7. Gold Stars On Blue
8. Generation Rent
9  Take Us Down

Some worms:

"Huge thanks to Neil for putting this out, and for all of his work with Legs Akimbo Records. Much gratitude to Baz for mastering and sorting the artwork. Respect to each and every person supporting underground music in the 21st Century. Anyone that's caught me at a show or devoted some time to listen to my noise, ta, it's much appreciated. Also, cheers to Bucky Fuller"

Mastering and artwork by Nebulist