DJ Mucus - Excrematorium

'Like a Goth without a turban, I went beyond the usual metaphores of satanism and the boredom of novelty to create a threat to the extratone scene. I mixed the nuisance of 16th century french poetry with some 80's and 90's influenced xtrtn shit, coz I'm an artsy fuck and everybody knows that the music scene is getting too melodic. I hope this will tranquilize you for a while.'

01. Hairy Hands
02. Ô beaux cheveux d'argent mignonnement retors
03. The Bidet Theory
04. Le vintieme d'Avril couché sur l'herbelette
05. Bitch On Steroids
06. D'un gourmand, ivrogne et paresseux
07. You Fuckin Dangle Me
08. Le vélin écrit rit et grimace, livide
09. Part Time Exorcist
10. Rondeau de ceux qui se taisent
11. Gospel Of John
12. Cent fois le jour
13. Anti Onion News
14. Carolina Reaper Challange
15. Oubli
16. Eloge funèbre
17. Les Origines
18. Monde renversé
19. Épitaphe
20. I Had To Put Bread On The Table
21. Saynette Commune

This release is dedicated to Ian Garside [DJ Ninja Love Mistake] RIP