HateWire - Demonic.Remixed.Vomit

Loads of fucking remixes, a HateWire remix of Acid Enema and a mix of the albums tracks by craP cillA, you cvnts are not even ready

"...as we wander through our kick drum-based existence, we realize there are multiple ways to express our nekrotik teknotik ideals. This can be achieved by having those who have influenced and supported us take our stems and create their own interpretations of nekro tekno. All artists involved with this release have provided HateWire with a huge amount of inspiration and support - this release is as much their property as it is our property and we owe all involved a great deal!


01. The Dirge May Be Over (But HELL Still Remains) (Machinist Kill Us All Remix)
02. Brutal Swing (Meth Lab California (Short) Mix By Angel Enemy)
03. Priestophile (The Artbreakers Scared Of Preachers Remix)
04. DOL (DieOutLoud) (Monad Remix)
05. Hail Mary (Rigamortis Uncercumsised Mix)
06. Kenny Hat Nen Kleinen Penis (Yudlugar Remix)
07. Brutal Swing (WDMS Is The Worst Re-hack)
08. Summoning The Antichrist (Resurrection Of Bastardcunt Remix)
09. Priest-o-phile (Noizefucker Remix)
10. DOL (DieOutLoud) (Headcheese Remix by Mean Spirited Mirth)
11. Every Sort Of Filth (Sadisticians You're All The Same Mix)
12. Mein Deutsch Ist Scheisse (Disco Cunt Remix)
13. I Got The Wire (Captain Chaos Usual Fecal Abomination Mix)
14. Blood (...And Bits Of Sick) (PRESSTERROR DRRRRREMIX)
15. Summoning The Antichrist (Las Vegas 909 Remix) 
16. Every Sort Of Filth (CoreCaines Filthy As Fuck Remix) 
17. Low Frequency Ordainment (Disnesquick Minimalist Remix)

18. Acid Enema - To Live Means Nothing (Because Its The Only Action HateWire Can Take Mix)
19. craP cillA - Demonic.Remixed.Vomit Mix