IEmperor - Nightmare Protocol : A Retrospect

As LEGS-NET 149 is the final solo artist release (LEGS-NET 150 being a compilation) it seems fitting we end things with something special and boy oh boy do we have a doozy of an album!
Legs Akimbo is proud to present Nightmare Protocol: A RetrospectA 12 track behemoth of an album from UK Hardcore Techno hero IEmperor. Rather than focusing on the technical wizardry and the over sanitized production often found in current Hardcore, IEmperor cuts through the bullshit and goes straight for the jugular with hard, fast and gritty tracks evoking the halcyon days of UK hard as fuck Techno from the end of the nineties and early noughties. Exhibiting a firm foundation in disturbing horror themes and strong Sci-fi atmospherics, Nightmare Protocol will not fail in its mission, to steamroll your mind into submission, trampling over your synapses like the Roman legions of old.
"All tracks were made between 2008 and 2013. A nod to the 90s style sound where my heart and soul lies in this thing of ours. More about the sound of the rave/warehouse than chin stroking production wankery"
A special thank you goes out to the Nebulist for giving the tracks a new lick of paint.
01. Sick Caesar
02. Guardian Of The Bass Drum
03. Underworld Alchemist 2012
04. Orphanage After Dark
05. Funeral Piece
06. Sweets To The Sweet
07. The Family
08. The Jungle Rock
09. Throatfucker
10. Feeding Place
11. Bent Coppers
12. UK Phantasm Ltd

Mastered by The Nebulist