Erohypnos - Sungutter
LEGS​-​NET 143

Again he felt that strange sense of unease... He was not sure who, or what he was, but he was certain he had more control of things before... but before what? He noticed blurry shapes before him, his eyes desperately tried to focus on them but he lacked the force of will to make it so in the low light and before long the forms retreated back into gloom. He wondered what events had lead him to this place; fuzzy memories of droning, repetitive sounds and the scent of sweating bodies came to the fore as his fractured recollection of events begun to solidify. Noticing a dull ache in his head, he started to understand. He knew why he was here... but where was here? Again the shapes appeared, this time accompanied by strange sounds, like people attempting to speak words while their mouths are full of gum. He noticed himself smile as realisation hit; he was safe, he was with friends, he knew what he had done. He tilted his head toward the sky and noticed the street lights above him, they burned into his mind like hazy stars, small electric suns burning grim reality back into him. He placed his hands on the filthy ground and pulled himself up out of the gutter, he saw a distant face pull a lopsided smile and heard a familiar voice say with forced humour "Sniffing from the wrap again mate, you never learn."

London producer Erohypnos' second and final release for Legs Akimbo. A chemical cocktail of incongruent styles and misguided ideas, composed and produced over two years under various states of intoxication. For fans of Emerson Lake & Palmer, DSBM and inappropriate k-holes.

1. Sungutter (I. Life, II. Sun, III. Death)
2. Malina And Igaluk
3. Hatedrunk
4. Bring The Plagues
5. Skag Shag
6. Sunfeeder

Tale of regret(amine) by Neil LAR