Emo Headache - A Final 'Fuck You'

One last dance on LAR for one of our favourite fuckers. More of that overdriven pop punk fuck you from one of the most controversial artists to grace this shit pit of a label. Fuck off.

01. Emo Headache with Xavier - Real Americans... (Drinking Shit Beer)
02. Emo Head
ache - Another Couple Purchasing Garbage From 'Forever 21'  (Oh My Goddess)
03. Emo Headache - Anytime You Wanna Fuck (All My Money For You)
04. Emo Headache - Cock Rot Karaoke (Crapcore Mix)
05. Emo Headache - Dashboard Cleanser (Get Fucked Up)
06. Emo Headache - Dr. Kevorkian's Test Dose (Sedated Suicide Mix)
07. Emo Headache - Dracula Has AIDS... (And He Runs the Red Cross)
08. Emo Headache - Meeting of Minds (Brain-Eaters Convention)
09. Emo Headache - My Next Ex (In G#)
10. Emo Headache - Put Some Wind on Them Embers (2017 Skit)
11. Emo Headache - Rosetta's Waltz (XXX Mix)
12. Emo Headache - Slenderman Murders Two 15 Year Olds (Families Disowned and Slaughtered)
13. Emo Headache - St. Peter's Cross (Convicts on Speed)
14. Emo Headache - The Time I Overdosed on 666 Speed Pills... (Nothing Excels Like Excess)
15. Emo Headache - Underclass Anthem (Drunk n ' on the Dole)
16. Emo Headache - You're Like So Punk... (Yeah Right, Maybe in Fucking Poserville)
17. Emo Headache with Xavier - Emo Like a Nazi (Hitler Emo Bangs Mix)
18. Emo Headache with Xavier - My Back to Africa Initiative (Koolaid & Malt Liquor 2017 Skit)
19. Emo Headache with Xavier - The Root of all Money (Legs Akimbo 2017 Skit)