pi r^2 - Uptempo For The Slow Enjoyment Of Life

 Jaunty little release from pi r^2, kicking off with 'Der Blut', which hammers away like an overenthusiastic woodpecker at LaserQuest in the late 80's. Your game face is on, ducking around dim-lit corridors, pace reminiscent of eating 8 vending machine snack bars in a row whilst blasting creatures on MS Doom. As clean as a teenager in a fresh shellsuit wielding his first Nerf gun. 'I.F.T.V.' seems to have fallen into a goth-punk gig at the Underworld, drunkenly staggering around pointing trigger fingers whilst stomping a New Rock hoof but with the jovial tappings of a seaside bucket and spade. The real reward comes midway through Track 2, when lightweight LaserQuest explodes into full-on Paintball. A moodier Challenge Anneka 

1. Der Blut
2. I.F.T.V.

Blurb written by Bee Pritchard