Solypsis & Catdog - Resisting Arrest

[Solypsis - Dendrites] Holy fucking balls. This goes straight in there like a cardiac arrest that has been slowly creeping; the beginnings of a malignant brain tumour. A ketamine fuelled head rush after drunkenly stumbling into a side room at Slimelight which apparently is filled with gas-masked Nazi's with sub machine guns and hedge trimmers. At this point you're considering boshing some Nurofen at the very least. Midway through there is a brief opportunity for restpite, but I definitely feel like a stroke victim now.

[Catdog - The Art Of Massasuage] This track seems somewhat more docile... steadily atmospheric, but wait - hold on - there's a dark vocal sample, then a steady tap of the high hat, some beats, and then you're plunged straight down into a drum and bass abyss. At least this time I saw it coming, like a zombie attack but with those old skool drooling ones, arms wearily dragging behind them from iron deficiencies. Just as I'm readjusting to feeling like I'm in the basement at Cyderdog, it's all over. Goddamn.

Words by Bee Pritchard

01. China Syndrome Beats
02. God Damn Freeloaders
03  Dendrites
04. Grand Mal Seizure
05. Hornswaggle
06. Millions Of Splinters
07. Untrustworthy

01. The Art Of Massasuage
02. Jungle Wreckage
03. Of Amens Enlarged
04. Burst Into Flames
05. Ain't Foolin Round
06. Who Dem Wan Sound


Mastered by Robert Galbraith