Two new free net release's today!

Speed Maelstrom - Drum Storm

Hailing from the UK, Speed Maelstrom brings you 9 tracks of fast as fuck, unrelenting Speedcore nastyness. Only the headstrong need apply!

1. We are dead
2. Maelstrom
3. Life begins with speedcore
4. Eardrum massacre
5. You will all die
6. Your rebirth
7. Brain secrete
8. Extreme destruction
9. Sick image

Your rebith by speed Maelstrom

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Hersenerosie - Stricken By Madness 


Fast, hard & violent, Herseneroise is here to pound you into submission with his blackend Speedcore assault. 9 tracks of filth each full of nasty kicks, creepy synths and menacing atmosphere.

1. Atrocity inflicted on putrid remains    
2. The final chapter of hallucionatic madness
3. Cruelty of obsessed minds by atrocious, decadent and depraved nature
4. Drenched in diarrea    
5. I hate this genre (10min.production)    
6. Reanimated severed head
7. The Lurking Fear    
8. When Freaks have hammers and knives, run for your lives
9. With Strange Aeons Even Death May Die.....

Cruelty of obsessed minds by atrocious decadence and depraved nature. by hersenerosie

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