Emo Headache - Variations On The Devil

14 tracks of off kilter Hardcore, Speedcore & Noise sampling old Punk tracks, Emo, News reports and a whole bunch of other crazy shit, all run through the musical blender and reconstructed in a migraine inducing cut-up nightmare + one near hour long noise piece at the end for good measure.

For fans of Toecutter, Shitmat, Sickboy, POS, Main$tream ect.

02. Botrain Hell (666GPS Gib RMX)
03. Let's Go (ADX Relik)
04. Cogitare Vial
05. Droon - Cripple Fight (Emo Headache RMX)
06. 911
07. DIY Birthmark (Nightmare Ghost Mix)
08. Devil Phone
09. Crapcore DIY Bubblegum (C. Shit Mix)
10. MA Terror
11. nNOISE
12. Tween
13. Wiseblood Hymn
14. Say Your Name
15. Ca5sette