WDMS - Detritus

CRAP/Shit Sound

01. WDMS as Wh3lp - Piddly diddly puff
02. WDMS as Wh3lp - Music Has To Be Full Of Pointless Sentiment 
03. WMDS - Any Cunt With Ableton (Super Happy R Tards Make Tracks In One Hour Mix) 
04. Sadistician When its Cold, And When Its Dark (WDMS 99p Remix)
05. WDMS - Eat Drugs
06. WDMS VS Gart Hard - Gadaffi Duck Hunt 
07. DJ Kaos  Spirits (WDMS Plays With Vomit Remix) 
08. WDMS - We are broken (Just kicks and shit mix)
09. WDMS VS Gart Hard - Untitled
10. WDMS - Detritus
11. WDMS -  Little Scene Bitches (Shit Sound Mix) 
12. Hatewire Summoning The Antichrist (WDMS Loves Jebus Chripes Remix)
13. WDMS - Spam Cockerell

Divmondz - Handicapped
LEGS​-​NET 047

As usual with LAR we like to bring some different sounds to the table and here we have an 10 track beast of an album from Divmondz
Metal, Shoegaze, *core and all sorts of other shit chucked in the musical blender.

01. Handicapped 
02. So fucking great
03. I'm An Artist And A Musician 
04. Hopeless
05. Suicide Is The Only Option (2013 Version)
06. Crewcabanger (Chelsea Grin Cover 2013) [Bonus Track] 
07. No-thing
08. Ever
09. Cherry Coloured Funk (Cocteau Twins Cover)
10. Knife Party (Deftones cover)