DEAD-NET 001 & 002

Legs Akimbo is looking for Dark/Ambient, Noise, Drone, Grindcore, Glitch, Black Metal ect artists for free releases, if you want to submit a release please contact us here:

We have the first two releases available for free download now!

DEAD-NET 002: 
Yurugu's Speech feat. Infernal Noise - From Errors Through Horrors

A 24 minute long Blackend Droning nightmare!!! Yurugu's Speech featuring live Electronics from Infernal Noise (Mechanical Brain, Cheeze Graterz ect )

Recorded during a jam session at BankinArt [Italy] on the night of September 27th 2013

Nocturnal Nightmare - Reflections of a Suicidal Mind

3 tracks of Lo-fi as fuck raw Depressive Black Metal from Swedish band Nocturnal Nightmare.

1. Reflections Of A Suicidal Mind!
2. Broken Mirrors
3. I Dont Belong Here

Also available as a CD from our friends at Depressive Illusions Records  BUY IT!!!