Hold on to your sick buckets!

Sadistic Hate VS Yudlugar -  Keep Away From Children
LEGS-NET 046 - BC_040


After numerous set backs and a full year long wait this thoroughly fucking blasphemous split is ready for your consumption. Featuring 10 prime slabs of blackend Terror & Speedcore, Splitter spitter Noise mentalism and a healthy dose of fuck you attitude Sadistic Hate and Yudlugar bring the BPM's and zero sympathy for the listener, this one is not for pussies or the scene kids, annihilation is guaranteed. 

01.  Sadistic Hate - We create wonderful music
02.  Yudlugar - Doesn't make sense (Sadistic Hate's Alle tod remix)
03.  Darkthrone - Wreak (Sadistic Hate's Cold grim terror mix)
04.  Yudlugar - Crack butcher (Sadistic Hate's I am death mix)
05.  Yudlugar - Fist (Sadistic Hate's ...And I fucking well mean 5 minutes mix)
06.  Yudlugar - Bathed in unicorns
07.  Yudlugar - Diseased
08.  HateWire - Antichrist (Yudlugar remix)
09.  HateWire - Priestophile (Yudlugar remix)
10.  Yudlugar - Die, die, die

Legs Akimbo Records/Braincore Recordings split release