Tetrahydrocannibal - Putrescent Whiffs From The Thrice-used Dildo Bong

Following hot on the heels of the first EP on Grindcore Karoke, Tetrahydrocannibal brings his debut full length to LAR!


01. Cannibidiol Paralysation (Intro)
02. Pharmacokinetic Bioavailibility 13-19%
03. 314.4636
04. Expulsion Of ID1 Activity Regarding Tumour Metastasis
05. CBDA Synthase Performing Catalysis
06. Hydrocannibalistic Bongitorium
07. Sequencing Purple Kush Draft Genome
08. Bathing In Bongwater
09. Mitigating The Anxiogenic Properties Of The Tetrahydrocannibal
10. 5-HT1A Serotonin Receptor Agonist
11. Dense Flower Cluster
12. Irrelevant Use Of Pesticides
13. Medicinal Marijuana Used As An Excuse For The 'Legal' Procurement Of Mind-Altering Herbal Goods
14. Mescaline Death Fuck
15. Head Full Of Amyls
16. Autoflower
17. White Widow Whitey
18. Clit-Bud Stimulation Of The Sloshing Dildo Bong
19. Taken To A Dark Place
20. Potential Cannibinolistc Relief From The Symptoms Of Hypertension
21. Afterglow
22. Strategic Clippings To Promote Further Growth
23. Hashgrinder
24. Difficult Extraction Of Blackened Sticky Bong Grease From The Inner Chamber
25. Opium-Laced Thai Stick
26. Zantastic Double Up OG
27. Psychosis Cheese
28. Triple Proof Blue Moonshine
29. Trainwreck
30. Chocolope-Induced Chocolate Chocomel Coma (Outro)

Tetrahydrocannibal is BIG SMOKE:

* Blunt Bass Trauma
* Drum Rolls
* Gratuitous Bong Inhales