Stray.CE - Build Your Own Future

S.T.R.A.Y Systems acquired the entity now referred to as Stray.CE along with the contents of a derelict warehouse in East Perth when it purchased a defunct skunkworks division of 8-Bit Recordings in 3rd quarter 2012. While investigating a strange, rhythmic beeping noise, the initial acquisition team discovered the Strayce unit lying mostly dormant in a corner behind several eight foot high stacks of pornographic magazines, next to the men's bathroom. After six months in quarantine and thorough examination by bio- and digital hazard experts, it was turned over to biotech and computer assessment teams, where it was deemed salvageable, although of questionable value.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts are ongoing, however initial results are promising. Our team is cautiously optimistic for the future of this unit, given enough time and resources. To this end, we present for your perusal a selection of some of the first output from the unit in at least six years, by our reckoning. We hope you will consider this project at the yearly budget review.

S.T.R.A.Y Systems East, 5th Acquisition Assessment Department

(Chiptune/ 8 BIT)

01. Evolutron
02. (true, _._, false, true)
03. Build Your Own Future
04. Mistakes I would like to make, part 1