Sadistician - My ideas, opinions and views may not necessarily be those of the X-Factor judges EP

I think the title of this pretty much says enough...  If you've downloaded this then you will probably know my views on pop/commercial music. If you don't then I would just listen to the tracks here and you'll get a feel for me thoughts on this one! 

01.  Sick man (Intro)
02.  You're damn right I'll watch you burn...
03.  Because Jolene is hotter than you, Dolly
04.  Press 4 to pay by credit card
05.  Drowning in terror (What would my mama do in this situation?!?!?!)
06.  I'm much cooler than your daddy...
07.  I murdered the Murderdolls (...And got away with it!!!!)
08.  Sadistic retardation (Bonus track)
09. Sadistic pop mash-up of idiocy (Bonus track)

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Mastered By Lucretia Mastering

Eye stinging Artwork by the Legs Akimbo gimp