Sir.Vixx & tooth_eye - Hole

Epic split release from Sir.Vixx and tooth_eye featuring 9 tracks of Chicago Motherfuckin Breakcore, including a remix from The Artbreaker, fuck yeah!


1. Came To Get Down
2. 312…FUCK YOU
4. FHRITP=Love

5. Hole Interlude


6. Mai Waifu Eats Your Waifu (The Artbreaker's Eaten Remix)
7. Belieb in Finakis
8. Kinda Gay Fruit Flies Dream of Organic Banana Smell
9. Sir.Vixx - PIGMOUTH (tooth_eye's Anal Baco Bitz Mix)


...should satisfy all of you out there who like your drums sliced to hell and back and spat out at breakneck speed. Some really great melodic work scattered about, along with some proper atmosphere and gabber kicks and other cool breakcore shit” – The Artbreaker

“...Sir.Vixx shows you how breakcore gets done here in the USofA. Big as fuck, fast as fuck and gritty as fuck" – Speak Onion

“"Grotesque and imaginative...” – Delta 9

“Sir.Vixx is one of the realest fuckers around. He began Mobcore Chicago and started throwing breakcore shows consistently, bringing in out of town talent as well as putting locals on. Sir.Vixx’s breakcore is top notch. If only he could stop sending me dick pics and grabbing my ass every chance he gets...” – Tooth_Eye


Christopher Will aka Tooth_Eye began making breakcore, noise, and chiptune style music during late 2003. In 2005 the Tooth_Eye alias was created, he was previously known as dEfIleR (defiler) to the few that came across him in Soulseek chat rooms. Early 2006 saw the release of Tooth_Eye’s first albums self released and on the Chicago label Give Daddy The Knife (run by Saskrotch). Tooth_Eye continued to release on various labels such as Trashfuck Records, NKS International, Dramacore, Sickmode, Peace Off, and many others. Tooth_Eye began performing live in 2009 and has performed in places such as Chicago, Detroit, Madison, and Ann Arbor with other fine artists such as Delta 9, Mark N, and Sir.Vixx (to name only a few of the many great acts he has had the chance to share the stage with)

all music by Joseph Popa and Christopher Will unless where otherwise noted.

art by Sean Deady

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