NUH - Product Of The 80s

NUH does POP! 80s pop!

Despite his huge distaste for frivolous nostalgia and the ‘re-boot’ concept, NUH's new offering is a homage to a great decade for music. A decade with so much edge and variety, so many leaps in technology, a wealth of innovative movie soundtracks, and just really great pop songs!

NUH approached this EP as a more traditional producer; drawing distinct lines between the writing, demoing, production, mixing and mastering stages. Essentially, each track is a reinterpretation of the original source material, with the usual NUH sampling mayhem, and strong attention to synthesis and sound design.

There are big nods to NUH’s other influences, including industrial, hardcore techno, cock rock… even disco! Whilst not as downright evil as his more recent output, ‘Product of the 80s’ retains NUH’s traditional dark lampoonery.

Nostalgia is dead!

01. Vacation
02. Knife
03. Americaca
04. Lo Pan
05. Unicron
06. U R The Void

A word from the label owner

"Finally! after nearly 5 years of running this label I get to release some Happy Hardcore! well sort of, this stuff is still a tad hard for straight up Happycore but it very much reminds me of what I consider the golden era of Happy Hardcore, lets say 1996-99. NUH brings us 6 killer tracks each full of high energy 4 beat and wonderful 80s sampling awesomeness, I mean there is both a Big Trouble In Little China AND a Transformers movie theme remix for fucks sake, what more do you want?
Utterly essential, just dl it now"

[WARNING: do not listen in MONO]

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Owen