HateWire - Demonic.Live.Vomit

HateWire! Live! .....LiveWire!

Live Nekro Tekno vomit 

01.  Brutal swing...  
02.  The dirge may be over (but Hell still remains...)  
03.  Improvised mashup of tracks originally from Disco Cunt/Totschlag Records PART 1 (Unreleased)
04.  Hail Mary  
05.  Improvised mashup of tracks originally from Disco Cunt/Totschlag Records PART 2  (Unreleased)
06.  Rigormortis (HateWire version)  (Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
07.  Narcotically-fuelled wanker removal  (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009/Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
08.  Every sort of filth  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2012)
09.  Improvised jamming about...!  (Unreleased)
10.  Unconsential sex (you made me bleed)  (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009/Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
11.  Pissing in your seething stigmata wounds (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009)
12.  Priest-o-phile  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2012)
13.  Armee der toten (originally by Disco Cunt) (100% Negativ, 2014)

Recorded by M. Thomas at JT Soar Studios, Nottingham, UK


HateWire makes exclusive use of the crappest equipment available to bring you the poorest sound quality humanly possible

666 demonic hails from the UK for taking the time to download and listen to this shit!

More info on HateWire can be found in this little hell-hole of the internet:  https://www.facebook.com/HateWire666

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HateWire have turned up on many labels...  We can't list them all here, but here are some of them for you to go check out:
Braincore Recordings: http://braincore.co.uk/_wp/
Rigormortis Records: http://rigormortis.org.uk/
Splatterkore Reck-Ords:  http://splatterkore.blogspot.co.uk/

Demonic regards go out to Matthew Thomas and JT Soar Studios for letting us record there!  https://www.facebook.com/JTSoar

Finally, huge thanks to all and sundry for listening to us, hating us and generally despising our output!!! You know who you are and a sincere and heart-felt thanks goes out to all you cunts!