Horror Gob - Through the Tuthgum Tunnel
'Horror Gob ' is a musical mash up, using 2 Atari STE computers, midi sound modules, Akai samplers, distortion guitars, Brass, and sickly vocals.

After using the Atari STE to make music for over a decade, HG wanted to explore and experiment, pushing the 4MB power of the computer to it's limits.

One Atari acts as a sound module utilizing the YM Chip, (through Musicmon) whilst the other acts as the brain (linked via midi using Notator) sequencing Akai samplers and Sound modules. All audio is recorded onto Audacity where vocals, ST Speech, Cornets and Guitars are added.

Thus resulting in 'Through the Tuthgum Tunnel'-  an avant-garde chip tune/midi/metal/punk/electro crossover.

01. Onomatopoeia
02. Big Wig (ft Sanders Family)
03. Received Pronunciation (ft ST Speech)
04. Transubstantiation (ft Brother Andrew)
05. The Finishing Position
06. The Teatime Dance
07. The Sound Of 4mb (ft Yvonne Le Bonbon)
08. Snake Eyes And Lizard Lips
09. Rat Race Rodent
10. Passing

Co-released with the consistently excellent ENDE Records

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