MATT:Scratch - All In Good Time


Never has a title been so appropriate for A Legs Akimbo Release!
But boy has it been worth the wait!  2 years aint shit...

MATT:Scratch has been away for a while feeding chickens but is finally back with 12 tracks of filthy rave business.  Look forward to many, many kicks, assorted snares sprinkled lovingly with oodles of deng deng and wakka wakka... 

01. Pulse
02. Chewy Gabber
03. Have I Got Breaks For You
04. 303 Metallicore (Lemtek Special)
05. Pullin Dredz
06. Ring Of Fire
07. Stomp
08. Marshmallorang
09. Enigmenema
10. Blunt Force Trauma
11. Sundeh
12. Martyr McFly