Stray:CE - End Of The Rabbit Hole

(Chiptune/ 8 BIT)

Research efforts regarding the Strayce entity are ongoing. A thorough technical audit has been conducted; however, results are mixed. Given the obsolete, obscure and, in some cases, downright esoteric nature of many of the technologies involved in its construction, upgrade possibilities for this unit are technologically limited, difficult to source, and prohibitively expensive. Naturally our first thought was to replace implanted systems with modern equivalents, however medical teams inform us that the implanted silicon is so tightly integrated with biological systems, any attempt at removal would most likely result in the unit becoming nonfunctional.

*We question the wisdom of the original designers of this unit, since, by our reckoning, some of the technologies involved here would have already been EOL for several years (in at least one case, decades) before the unit's inception. We have, however, had moderate success; audio processing capabilities of the unit have been increased an estimated threefold. It is somewhat doubtful, though, whether the neural circuitry exists to take advantage of this upgrade. Though now technically more than capable, the unit has still not engaged in anything resembling human speech, and insists on attempting to communicate with a series of rudimentary bleeps and squawks.

*The first draft of this document read: "would most likely be fatal" - however we have difficulty reaching a consensus on whether the unit is "alive" in the traditional sense.

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