Scrubber Fox - iLL KnocKa

The debut Legs Akimbo release 'iLL Knocka' from Manchester's highly regarded Scrubber Fox is a crafted journey through gorgeously dark and timeless melodics with a heavy splattering of creatively manipulated sonic rhythms. This release follows Scrubber's appearance on LegsAkimbo with Sadistician, the duo teamed up on the brutal "SadisticFoxician - Nonsensical Night stalking - 7" vinyl release that has since become a sold out collectable item of power.

Scrubber has appeared over the years on labels such as Skam, Tigerbeat6, Merck, The Centifuge, Peace Off and many others covering a vast array of electronic styles each branded with Scrubber's own unique flavour.

Also planned for release this year is a 12" limited vinyl split with a second instalment of Scrubber brand filth along with more vile tracks from the unholy alliance that is SadisticFoxician on Legs Akimbo! You have been warned!

1. Miggin the Public 
2. Spastic Bungee Jump 
3. Switch Logger 
4. Dead Pile of Swan Necks 
5. Take That Shit Times 
6. Ham That Dangles