The Perverts - Not So Friendly EP

Perverts new extended player ‘Not So Friendly’ is a concept recording that delved into the mind(s) of that notorious breed of character the serial killer.

The band were interested in exploring the concepts of what creates a serial killer examining various aspects of the media from hyperbole news coverage to the ‘instant celebrity’ culture that continues to sustain icon or even almost god like status until another sensation appears.

01. serial killer FM
02. sissies and survivors
03. serial killer FM
04. im so beautiful
05. serial killer FM
06. tapes worms
07. serial killer FM
08. murder starr
09. serial killer FM
10. lets get fucked up and kill someone
11. serial killer FM
12. take a walk on the wild side

The Perverts are Screaming Son, Alex K, Sebbles

Artwork drawn by Tom Mccarthaigh (http://traumatimeillustration.com/) depictin

Recorded @ St Paul's Chinese House of Pleasures, Bristol.
Apart from I’m So Beautiful recorded in Burtle, Somerset.

Mixed/Mastered @ The Womb, Bath.