IMPLΛNT - Mentally Crippled

Legs Akimbo's master of Cybercore returns with his second full length, expect furious mecha kickdrum wipeouts, schizo sampling, glitched out sound hacks, experimental meanderings and lush dystopian soundscapes.
Features collaborations with SD-501, 10JONK-T and Hersenerosie. Essential futurecore experience.

01. IMPLΛNT- The Wrath Of Са†анаил
02. IMPLΛNT- Sounds Of Animals
03. IMPLΛNT- Viral
04. IMPLΛNT- Gigglegs Trolling
05. Overkill- Broken Legs
06. IMPLΛNT- Grotesque
07. IMPLΛNT- ✖tratone Λrtillery
08. IMPLΛNT- Bloody Vajina
09. IMPLΛNT- Science Fiction
10. IMPLΛNT- Super Mario Is A Faget
11. IMPLΛNT- Throwing Up Telediarrhea
12. IMPLΛNT- Soundscalpels
13. IMPLΛNT- HydΛrulicx
14. IMPLΛNT vs. 10JONK T- The He!st
15. IMPLΛNT vs. SD-501- Biomechanical Analysis
16. IMPLΛNT vs. Hersenerosie - 3rd Degree