Emo Headache - Emo Sucks

3rd album from Legs Akimbo's resident crapcore king. 9 more tracks of sample based audio heresy, this time with a stronger splittertone influence. Strap ya selves in for some dangerously primitive high speed kickdrum abuse, dodgy as fuck sampling fun and a dash of emo as fuck Emo. You know what to expect by now you cvnts

1. The Self Incendiary Suicide By The Church
2. Crapcore Track @ 170 bpms
3. Stalker
4. Home Is Where The Toilet Is
5. The Time I Bricked The Window Of A Fag Bar in D.C.
6. Till Death Do Us Part
7. Untitled Crapcore RMX
8. Almost People - Have a Nice Trip Blindy (Emo Headache Crapcore rmx)
9. Dead Lighter Collector

LAR is not responsible for EH's outrageous misuse of source material