LEGS​-​NET 115​

Chaoticsadism - Hardcore Proton Donation
LEGS​-​NET 115​/​BC_043

An acidcore freakout from Sadistician and Captain Chaos.

Turn on.
Tune in.
Fuck off.

01] Captain Chaos - Anal Training (Flush out your rectum)
02] Sadistician - Asymmetric Unit Alignment (Vomit hardcore mix)
03] Captain Chaos - Hard Times In Oz (Adebesi goes to see the wizard)
04] Sadistician - Cysteine (Terrorific acidcore mix)
05] Captain Chaos - Love Dump (Just on my chest mix)

Co-released with Braincore Recordings

Tracks written for Acidophile @ The Unit [www.rigormortis.org.uk/venue.html] on 9th May 2015. Massive thanks to Lorraine for putting us up for our first joint live set & letting us tear the back doors clean off your rave!