Acid Enema​ - Misanthropic Visions

Legs Akimbo Records​ is proud to announce that Blackened Speedcore pioneer Acid Enema's new album "Misanthropic Visions" is now available!This is a one time only run of the album on the most necro of formats, the cassette. A rough and raw rehearsal session has been recorded for side 2, this is exclusive to the cassette version of the album 

Limited edition of 100 copies only

50 black cassettes
50 transparent red cassettes 

A1. Hymn for the Godless 
A2. Eviscerating God 
A3. To Live Means Nothing 
A4. Holocaust Remixed 
A5. Hurt Me 2015 
A6. Misanthropic Visions 
A7. Bro Hymn (Pennywise cover) 

B1. Rehearsal 11-06-15 (tracklist is included with the tape)

Blackened Speedcore for despondent souls